Accomodation Options

Tui ridge park has a wide selection of accommodation to suit any event or budget.


The Graham Miller Centre's accommodation units are clean and comfortable, fully carpeted and heated. Each of the three identical units sleep 54 people, totalling 162 people. They are divided into bays with bunks, with storage areas under the lower bunks. The floors in the accommodation units are covered with carpet and surface areas with vinyl. Toilets and showers are built into each accommodation unit for your comfort and convenience. There are night storage heaters in the sleeping areas and bathrooms, coupled with fully insulated walls and ceilings which guarantees warmth all year round. In each unit there are three separate rooms for supervisors which can double as counsellor rooms during the day, if necessary.

The buildings are designed to house both male and female with separate sleeping areas, toilets and showers.

We supply mattresses on bunk beds, while guests are to provide their own sleeping bags or linen, towels, blankets and pillows. Tui Ridge Park reserves the right to assign groups to their units based upon the number of people in the group and their special needs. A dormitory plan is available.



Our cabins are sure to please with great facilities to suit a family of an entire group. Our cabins feature:

  • 7 blocks of cabins, each with a fully supplied kitchen
  • 21 rooms in total, each room sleeps 4 people
  • Each room has its own bathroom with toilet and shower facilities

Camping Ground Facilities

Looking for a place to hold the BIG EVENT? Within the 420 acres that makes up Tui Ridge Park, a 22 acre reserve dedicated to outdoor camping is provided for those who enjoy the great outdoors! The grounds can hold groups as large as 3,000! Water is reticulated throughout the reserve, so there is no shortage quantity or quality.

Nearby are 3 modern and well serviced ablution blocks. They provide hot and cold water, showers, a spacious common room with cooking facilities and 2 of the blocks have laundry facilities with washing machines and driers.


Caravan Park

For those who enjoy a few home luxuries, powered caravan sites are provided. This includes the following:

  • 120 Powered Sites
  • Access to ablution blocks
  • 2 Waste dump stations
  • Access to spectacular walking and mountain bike trails
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